"Bliss-inducing original music by violinist/vocalist/composer Lili Haydn ...My response was the reviewer’s equivalent of a spiritual visitation." - L.A. Times

New Album Release!

March 26 New Album Release

I'm so excited to be releasing my first solo album in six years on Lakeshore Records! It's got songs that are featured in the films I've been scoring, as well as a couple collaborations with amazing singer/songwriter friends Marvin Etzioni and David Poe.

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RUTH: Justice Ginsberg in Her Own Words

March 15 RUTH: Justice Ginsberg in Her Own Words  available on STARZ   

I had the honor of scoring this powerful film about one of my heroes, directed by Oscar winner Freida Lee Mock

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More Love single and video!

March 5 Release of More Love single and video!

This song was inspired by my time surviving Covid.  A great teacher of mine once said "There is no problem in the world for which more love and understanding are not the answer."

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Ginny & Georgia - Netflix

February 24  Release of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix!

This is my first TV series for Netflix and my first collaboration with the great Ben Bromfield with whom I had the pleasure of scoring this wonderful show, which has been described as a cross between Gilmore Girls and Dexter!

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Opium Moon new EP Release on Six Degrees Records

February 12 Opium Moon new EP Release on Six Degrees Records

Finally new music from our super-group Opium Moon! This EP is centered around one haunting theme performed in 2 different perspectives: One track will make you want to dance, and the other will make you want to make out or meditate!  This is the concept from our forthcoming double album Opium Moon: Night + Day, from which we will be releasing a new EP and single in the coming months.

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